Iinstitute for Promoting international languages
The Institute for Promoting International Languages (IPIL) was established with a specific vision and mission of teaching and promoting the usage of Functional Arabic language. Arabic today is the second most widely spoken language in the world and has therefore gained a lot of importance in the present global scenario.
IPIL, by promotiong the Arabic language, provides a service for the benefit of the multi-religious and multi-cultural society of India, which can be availed by desirous people from any age group, either gender, irrespective of their qualifications.
IPIL is managed by the Humanity Charitable Trust, Nagpur.
A human heritage equally important today.
Offcial language of 25 countries spread over 2 contienents.
Mother tongue of more than 300 million people across the globe.
Second language of the United Nations after English.
Globally, wrappers & manuals of every international products has instructions in English & Arabic.
India is having heritage of number of Classical languages.
Heritage value to continuously in use since inception,
long before 5 thousand years.
With the help of modern gadgets computer projects & sliders
Special crash Course of 3 months
One week for learning alphabets & readability.
One week for writing practice.
Four week for learning Arabic grammar
Six week for dialogues, convertions drafts ,corresponpondence
Personality Development.
Introduction of Arabic prose poetry classical & scriptural
One day for learning Arabic DTP
Film show for communication skills