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Elementary Grammar Work Book

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Definite Article
Signs of Feminine
Subject and Predicate
Adjectival Compound
Possessor & Possessed
Personal Pronouns
Objective and Possessive Pronouns
The Preposition
Demonstrative & Relative Pronoun
Interrogative Pronouns
Past Tense (Third Person)
Past Tense (Second Person)
Past Tense ( First Person )
Past Tense ( Passive Voice )
The Imperfect Tense
Imperfect Tense (Passive Voice)
Verbal Sentence
Subject and Object
Imperative and Negative
Broken Plural
Numbers (Cardinal & Ordinal)
Different Uses of Arabic word (Ma'a)
Useful Tips For Teachers / Students
Most Commonly Occurring Words
Some Attributes
Past Tense/Imperfect Tense
Masculine Gender
Feminine Gender

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